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Lead Tracker (Android Version) Best CRM and Lead Management App | sales lead management

The perfect best lead routing software

Lead Tracker is a game-changing Best CRM and Lead Management App that has the potential to boost your sales rate with a complete lead management solution. We emphasise on lead follow-ups as converting a lead into a potential buyer majorly depends on efficient and timely communication as well as follow-ups. Beyond that, Lead Tracker serves as a complete lead management systemright from lead generation to follow-ups to scoring a lead and converting it into a client - the entire sales pipeline is covered. Automate your sales management, lead management and CRM system with the best sales lead management mobile app around.

Version : 1.0

Size : 3.21 MB

Platform : Android



    you are at the right place. Best CRM and Lead Management App is an easy-to-use and standalone lead management solution which will help you in capturing, tracking and managing potential client leads with just a few clicks. sales lead management will help you in effortlessly managing all record of leads, making sure that you never miss any lead and get the deals from all potential clients – ultimately boosting your sales and business. So get ready to never miss a single lead and follow-up in much lesser time and in a much more categorized format. It is a lot simpler than you may expect!

    Why use Lead Tracker?

    Easy lead management: Add your products, add details of leads, track them, sort them, know the status and access entire lead log in just few clicks - zero fuss - managing business leads have never been easier.

    Organised data: Don’t worry if you have tons of products to sell, with Lead Tracker, adding products into the app takes nothing more than a couple of minutes. Also, sort leads as per your choice, schedule follow-up timings, know the status of your leads and track each client without missing any. And in case you need to re-add any client or product, there’s no need to repeat the data form – Lead Tracker remembers all your past data and the form will be auto-filled.

    On the go reporting: Got a new lead? Add it right away. Got a successful follow-up? Convert your lead. Have a failed follow-up? Don’t worry, keep it for future records and references. Lead reporting will become much more real-time and quicker than you think.

    Pipelined visibility of leads: Lead Tracker will remind you about all upcoming leads so that you never miss any and even if you missed any, the app will keep record of it so that you can re-approach the possible client.

    Boosted sales: Every single piece of data is organised properly, so there is no chance of losing or missing any follow-up, which means you’ll never lose a potential client and hence your sales output will take a boost, like never before.

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